Welcome to You’re Social Cinema

SoCiMa Cinema, You’re Social Cinema is a not-for-profit community cinema. Our aim is to create a more “Socially Enlightening Cinematic Experience”. We call this “life seen through the cinematic lens’’. We screen thought provoking British, Foreign, Independent, Cult Classic films & documentaries.
Our cinematic journey begins with you and how you interconnect with others, in the pursuit of "Socializing” and ‘Discussing your ‘Shared Experiences. Be intrigue by others thoughts, opinions and expressions. There are no Rights or Wrongs just differences to learn from.

You Are Social, You Are Cinema

Our Slogan “You’re Social Cinema” is all about you and your “Socially Engaging Cinematic Experiences”. You Are the ones who enjoy meeting people and make new friends & You Are the ones whom enjoy fascinating films, engaging in light heart discussions. Experience the thrill of film in a socialized relaxed environment.

Movies & Mingling

We are advocates for a more social community cinema, which means spontaneous socializing, celebrating freedom of speech & healthy discussions. You're talking with everyone, meeting, mingling and making new friends. Watching “Movies with Meaning” and having fascinating fun.
We’ll take you on a cinematic journey so open your mind to the rejuvenation age of thought and intrigue. This is a Cinematic Renaissance.
Sit back, relax as we take you on a cinematic journey, opening your mind to a rejuvenation of social cinematics.